Cognitive Computing

We develop new technologies aimed at imparting cognitive functionalities (in terms of situation awareness, learning and adaptation). Our platform involves a set of heterogeneous software agents pertinent to the CogniTech founder’s expertise in the field of intelligent systems design, multi-agent systems, multi-sensor data fusion, natural man-machine interaction, and machine learning. For example, Modern Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have made use of the most recent technological advances in such fields as sensing, wireless communications, intelligent mechatronics and expert systems, to name a few.

Although these systems are able to provide different forms of assistance to the driver, a few have the ability to adapt and learn from experience and past behavior of the driver under various driving conditions. Moreover, to the best of our knowledge, none of the currently available systems can be considered generic enough in the sense that they can cope with all possible situations involving the drivers, their driving conditions (unimpaired/impaired), and their driving environments (road, weather, and traffic conditions).

CogniTech cognitive and domain adaptation modules are addressing these challenges and enable building cognitive systems with reasoning, learning and adaptation capabilities.

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