Conversations NLU based Module

The Natural language understanding (NLU) module manages system-user interaction through a dialog model, which converts recognized words into concepts. Based on current and previous contexts, it generates a response to users speech query. Potential applications include natural language based data search, personal assistants in various vertical markets such as entertainment companion, service robots, education robots, home appliances control, to name a few examples. This module in conjunction with the Signal Processing Unit allows high level and accurate interaction with Internet of Things (IoT) objects in home, manufacturing and health care environments.

CogniTech has developed the NLU module to suit various computing platforms. It could accommodate an interaction system tethered to the cloud. It could also be implemented on an embedded or desktop environment with almost similar capabilities. This is most useful when the customer asks for a local NLU module, that doesn't exchange data with the Internet. 

CogniTech NLU platforms include the cloud, stand-alone desktop servers, and embedded systems (NVIDIA Jetson TK1, TX1, Raspberry Pi, STM 32 microcontrollers). 

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