Cognitive Computing Technologies Inc (CogniTech) is a University of Waterloo spinoff technology company founded to respond to increasing needs in the industry and society to solve a wide range of challenging problems in the fast growing and strategic fields of Internet of Things (IoT), Social Robotics (SR), Human-machine Interaction (HMI), and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The core technologies of CogniTech originate from patented research work developed over the years at the University of Waterloo by its founder, Prof. Fakhri Karray and his associates in the fields of cognitive computing, machine learning, computational intelligence, natural language processing, speech recognition, and embedded intelligent devices. The main goal is to equip new generation of systems/devices with cognitive-like computational capabilities allowing them to interact (and respond) seamlessly and intelligently with their environments (humans, devices, machines, communication/transportation infrastructure, to name a few examples). The firm’s founder is renowned researcher in the fields of soft computing and artificial intelligence. He has been developing proprietary technologies over more than two decades at Canada’s University of Waterloo and has co-authored 14 US patents and 6 provisional ones.

The Company

Through its synergetic association with the University of Waterloo, CogniTech has access to the latest research work and most recent technologies created by top research professors, skilled designers and outstanding graduates. Its offices are located at the heart of the Technology Hub in Waterloo, which is an integral part of the Toronto-Waterloo Region Corridor, known to be among the most productive technology clusters in the world.

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